Charlotte at Indy Recap (Part 2)

Let me just start this off by saying that nobody was seriously hurt during the game on Saturday night. That is not saying that the players did not try though. In the opening at bat on the night Alejandro De Aza hit two balls over the first base dugout striking fans that must not have expected a ball to come at them. De Aza is a lefty, and to pull a ball by that much takes a perfect scenario.

This game was scoreless until the third inning when newly re-aquired first baseman Jeremy Reed led off the inning with a double. Jeremy was once tabbed as the centerfielder of the future, but was traded due to the depth on the team. We all know how that turned out. After being moved over by a sacrifice bunt he scored on a single by De Aza. De Aza is shown above watching his single go into the outfield grass. Things stayed calm until the fifth when De Aza had his second RBI single of the night. This one scored second baseman Rob Hudson.

Then things started to get a little dicey. Carlos Torres had been walking people all game. It seemed like he was constantly pitching out of jams. That caught up to him in the fifth and sixth innings. He gave up two in the fifth when two of his walks came around to score. Carlos is shown above while he was warming up pre game. He was pulled in the sixth when two of the first three batters reached base. Randy Williams was brought into the game to try and stop the bleeding. He couldn’t though. He gave up three doubles and a single that allowed five runs to score. The damage was done, and the Knights were in a big hole that would be hard to climb out of. After the way I saw Randy interacting with the fans prior to the game it hurt to see him pitch so bad. I haven’t seen his Triple A stats, but hopefully this was just an isolated incident. What makes it even harder to take as a loss was the fact that all eight of the Indians runs came in a three inning span. The first two of those were with two outs, and the inning should have been over if not for an error by Torres. That set in motion the events that cost them the game.

The lone highlight after that was a two run homer by shortstop Louis Rodriguez that scored De Aza in the 7th. It temporarily brought the Knights to within two runs. Rodriguez is shown above pointing skyward as he crosses home. Louis also hit a home run today to give the Knights the lead. I have not heard his name before, but the past two days makes me wonder if I should have. Catcher Luke Carlin put the Indians back up by three in the bottom of the inning with a home run of his own. After that it was all formalities in Indy. Wil Ledezma closed things out for the Indians in the ninth to seal the victory.

What did I learn from watching this young team? The first thing that I learned was that Alejandro De Aza is as fast as advertised. He showed his speed both on the basepaths, and in left field. I would love to see him in Chicago. He was 3-5 on the day with two RBI’s, two stolen bases, and a run scored. He also hit a triple that really allowed him to show off his wheels. I was also reminded why Randy Williams and Carlos Torres are in Triple A. They both had bad outings that were similar to outings I have seen them have in the majors. Tyler Flowers and Brent Morel did not have good games either. I know that every night cannot be your night, but they really did not seem to be seeing the ball well. The only time either of them got on base was when Flowers was hit by a pitch while attempting a bunt. I also learned that the Zooperstars are much more popular than any team that you could put on the field. They constantly got more applause than anything happening on the diamond. Harry Canary is shown above doing his thing. I also learned that fans will always find a reason to talk trash. I had on my Konerko White Sox shirt during the game. After the game as I was walking out a guy jumped in my face and yelled “White Sox suck.” What makes it so weird is that he had a Pirates jersey on. Really? My team is leading their division, and the Pirates are…well… the Pirates. I just laughed and walked away. He might have had his free hat that was given away on a little too tight.

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