Purdue Boilermakers NCAA Practice Gallery

I was lucky enough to be at the United Center today for the Boilers practice. Last year I saw them play three games in two rounds of the NCAA Tournament, but different things prevented me from seeing them practice. Since they were so close this time I thought that I would see what it was all about. I got to the United Center early so that I could watch some of the other teams as well. When Purdue was not on the floor the most exciting thing was watching the tourney games on the TV’s located on press row. Luckily they had a few games going at once so it was like I was at the coolest sports bar in the world. Continue reading


Notre Dame vs. Georgetown Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the Notre Dame game against Georgetown. Since you cannot take pictures during the game these are only from pregame, halftime, and during a few timeouts. This was the first of what I hope are many games I see this season with two ranked teams.

One of the Georgetown players dunks pregame

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Irish Start the Big East Season Off With a Big Win

Tim Abromaitis during the pregame intoductions

Last night I went to Notre Dame to watch the #15 Irish take on 9th ranked Georgetown. It was part of my four games in four days drive to end the year. For some reason I thought that Notre Dame would win the game. I even picked them this week in my weekly pick segment. The win was not because of the home crowd though. They only got going twice, and that was short lived each time. Games without the student sections are by far the worst. The students seem to generate 90% of the crowd noise. A big game like last night with the students would have been a great atmosphere. Instead people came in late like the Irish were playing Southest Missouri State. You are playing a top ten team…get to the game and get loud! Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 4 Edition)

This week the pick for the game of the week is not so easy. The Purdue men’s team plays a tough game today against Alabama. Tomorrow the Purdue women travel up near me to play Notre Dame, and then later in the week the Purdue men travel up here to play Valpo. I decided to look at both the games in my neck of the woods this week. I normally have to travel about two hours to see Purdue play. This week I can just go about a half hour either way to see both the men’s and the women’s teams play. You can’t beat that. I doubt that they had me in mind when they made up the schedule, but if they did thank you. Continue reading

Notre Dame vs. Indiana State Photo Gallery

Here are some of the pictures I took Tuesday night at Notre Dame

South Central High School Alumn Jake Kitchell with a layup during warmups

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Irish Topple Sycamores

Ben Hansbrough with an easy layup

Last night I went to South Bend for two reasons. The first was to finally see Scott Martin play basketball again. He had not been on the court in over two years. The second was to see a local kid, Jake Kitchell, who plays for Indiana State. Kitchell went to South Central High School which is just a few miles south of where I live. Kitchell is not currently playing for the Sycamores as a true freshman. I do not know if this is because of a redshirt situation, injury, or no place for him in the lineup. Continue reading