When is 11 > than 10?

LewJack was on fire tonight

Tonight is one example of when eleven is greater than ten. The Wisconsin Badgers came into West Lafayette ranked 1oth after their huge win against then #1 Ohio State. The Boilers were jumped by the Badgers, and sat ranked 11th. The last time these two teams met Wisconsin came away with a seven point win in Madison. Purdue actually had a one point lead with under a minute left thanks to five straight points by DJ Byrd. Things didn’t go Purdue’s way though, and they gave up a 8-0 run to end the game. I almost went to that game, but the snowstorm kept me away. What a difference two weeks makes. Instead of a blizzard it was 60 degrees in West Lafayette today. It was a beautiful day to be outside, but of course I had something to do inside. Continue reading

Michigan State Photo Gallery

As of this writing I have achieved a new single day high for views on this blog. Thank you so much! Here are some of the pictures that I liked from last nights game. I really had a blast last night, and I hope that Mackey will be rocking like that again this season.


Erin Andrews breaking the news on national tv that Robbie Hummel tore his ACL

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Johnson Tames the Lions


Johnson battling down low

I might have finally recovered enough from last nights game to write about it. What a finish! I would probably preferred a blowout, but Purdue got the win in the end. During the game I was having flashbacks to last season. Purdue was on a two game losing streak when Ohio State came into town. They had a fourteen point lead against the Buckeyes, and they ended up losing the game. Last night Purdue was on a two game losing streak, and they had a fourteen point lead. As the game got tighter I kept thinking of last years game. The one good thing if there is one about this year’s losing streak is that one of the losses was out of conference. Continue reading

Boilers Pierce Hawkeyes

This was as close as Iowa would get all day

If you have ever seen M.A.S.H. the headline might make some sense. Then again it might not no matter what you have seen. As I have stated a few times on this blog I hate Iowa. Probably more than any other school. It was great to see Purdue have such and easy time with them today. They won easily 75-52. The score really does not tell the full story of this game though Purdue had the lead around thirty when they called off the dogs. The win brings them to 15-1 overall and 4-0 in conference. It was their tenth straight win since their lone loss against Richmond. The team will travel to Minnesota next. We all know what happend the last time the Boilers played in Minnesota. Continue reading

csd Flashback: 1/1/10 in Pictures

I figured that I would post this for two reasons. One is that the site was on hiatus when I attended this game a year ago. I have stopped posting for short periods twice for the same reason. That is the fact that it is hard to spend time on something that nobody is reading. For some reason I just didn’t feel the small amount of hits I was getting was worth the time. I really enjoy it though so I always pick it back up. Currently I am amazed at how many people have been coming to the blog. I still can’t believe that people care about anything I have to say. The second purpose of the post is to say thank you to all of those who come to the site. It is very much appreciated. Continue reading

Purdue vs. Northwestern Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from yesterdays game. As I was going through them I realized that most of them involved JaJuan Johnson or E’Twuan Moore. That is not usually the case, but when the two combined to score 50 points on the day that would be the case. They were just too big a presence on the court not to get in a few shots.

Yes Paint Crew I have heard, and I like the signs

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Smooge Drops the Ball on Northwestern

Smooge driving in the second half against Northwestern

After watching way too many ads for the new Tron movie I thought that the title for this post was going to be Twaun: Legacy. Somewhere around Monon on the way home I thought that a New Year’s reference would sound better. This title fits exactly what E’Twaun Moore did today. He came out on fire to give Purdue an early lead, then just kept scoring. He finished the day with 31 points which tied his career high. He also pulled down seven boards, had three assists, a block, and two steals. That great day helped carry the Boilers to the 82-69 win. Continue reading

Purdue vs. North Florida Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the game Saturday. I had a couple good ones from the game. I think the lack of an opponent slowed me down as I did not take nearly as many pictures as usual. Here are a few of the better ones:

JJ looking mean finishing a dunk, but the cheerleaders laughing

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Purdue Pulls Away From Valpo Late

E'Twaun Moore puts up a shot early against the Crusaders

Last night the Valparaiso Crusaders used a record crowd to help fuel them for a large majority of the game. They had a lead on the Boilers into the second half. A great half by Brandon Wood helped spark Valpo early on, but the Boilers were just too much at the end. This is one of those games where the final score really does not tell the story of the game. Continue reading