Purdue Men’s Basketball Season In Review

JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore on senior night

I always promise to do these things, but before you know it the next sport starts up, and I get busy with that one. Unfortunately this season for the Purdue men ended early enough I have a small window before baseball season starts. Just because it ended early though doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good season. Here is a quick look back at one of the best seasons I have been able to watch in person. Continue reading

A Sick Feeling

JaJuan Johnson leaves the court for the last time as a Boilermaker

As I was sitting stunned in my seat at the United Center tonight I was thinking about how things had come full circle. This season ended for me exactly how it started. I remember sitting in Ross-Ade Stadium when a friend sent me a text about Robbie Hummel tearing his ACL again. Once I confirmed it wasn’t a sick joke I had a feeling in my stomach like I had been punched in the gut. Late in this game I had the same feeling once you knew it was over. They showed Rob on the jumbotron crying, and I had that same sick feeling in my gut. Combine this with the terrible way the seniors went out in football, and things get even worse. We have seen some of the best to come through Purdue this past fall with Kerrigan, and now with JJ and Smooge. None of them went out the way they would have liked. Continue reading

Solid Play Beats Trash Talk

JJ wondering which move of his moves to use

I have had a couple great moments in the United Center. One of them is any time you hear the National Anthem during a Blackhawks game. Hearing it during a crazy standing room only crowd before a Red Wings game is awesome. Another great moment was watching Jordan drop 55 on the Bullets in 1997. It was game two of the playoffs, and the Bulls were not playing well. Michael just put them on his back to lead them to the victory. That was my first Bulls game so I picked a great one to attend. The best moment in the Madhouse though was watching the Sox clinch the World Series on the jumbotron. I wanted to experience the game as though I was there, and the party that ensued was great. Today was just another addition to that set of memories. Continue reading

Indiana Photo Gallery

Finally! Here are the pictures from Tuesday night. Until today I did not know if I even had any good ones. I don’t know how many are good, but here are a few that interested me.

Some of the great signs that the Paint Crew had Tuesday night

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Purdue vs. Alabama Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from Saturday’s game against Alabama.

Ryne Smith takes an early charge

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Purdue Golden in Opener

Purdue Pete likes what he sees

Last night Purdue looked very good opening the season against Howard. The final score was 76-40, but that doesn’t tell the story for much of the first half. Both teams were in a nice battle for most of the first half. In fact the Boilers only had a ten point lead with a minute to go in the half. Then Terone Johnson and E’Twaun Moore both hit three’s to give them a sixteen point lead at the break. Moore’s shot at the buzzer was yet another great way to go into the break. Continue reading