Penn State Photo Gallery

Here are some of the pictures from last nights game. As I said before I was a little slow getting the camera up so the two handed dunk by Barlow was blurry. I also would have loved to have had one of DJ Byrd flying through the lane on the put back dunk. Even though he missed the shot it was awesome to see. Enough about what I don’t have, here is what I did manage to get.


David Jackson getting a shot off in the first half

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Johnson Tames the Lions


Johnson battling down low

I might have finally recovered enough from last nights game to write about it. What a finish! I would probably preferred a blowout, but Purdue got the win in the end. During the game I was having flashbacks to last season. Purdue was on a two game losing streak when Ohio State came into town. They had a fourteen point lead against the Buckeyes, and they ended up losing the game. Last night Purdue was on a two game losing streak, and they had a fourteen point lead. As the game got tighter I kept thinking of last years game. The one good thing if there is one about this year’s losing streak is that one of the losses was out of conference. Continue reading

Purdue Plays Hockey?

I have known that Purdue played hockey for some time now, but never got around to seeing them play until Saturday. Since 2006 I have been meaning to drive to see them play, but have not made it. They used to play at home in Danville, Illinois which is quite a drive from Northwest Indiana. On the way home from the football game in Champaign I made a slight detour to Bloomington to see the Purdue hockey team play finally. They did not play in a big arena, but rather next to it. The team played in a public skating rink that was cleared out in time for the game. At first I wondered what I was getting myself into, but once the action started it was worth it.  Continue reading