The Glass is Mostly Empty

The Illini students have a virtual beer chug

I am normally one of the more optimistic fans that you will see. I always think that my team is better than they actually are, and can keep winning. You have to do something really bad for me to be down on my team. That is how I feel right now less than a day after Purdue was beaten soundly 44-10 in Illinois. Purdue had a lot of trouble moving the football. The people around me said that it was because they were going into the wind. I really don’t buy that because Illinois seemed to move the ball very well when they went into the wind. We just faced a team that was much better than us on the day. I would not have made the road trip if I thought that Purdue was going to get blown out. I really thought that we could compete with them, and at least have a chance. I am now 5-11 when going on the road to see Purdue play. I did come to the conclusion that I would not travel to see the Boilers play on Halloween weekend again. I was in Wisconsin last year on Halloween to see the Boilers shut out 37-0. This one seemed a lot like that at times. Of course that Boiler team rebounded the next week to beat Michigan in the Big House. This week Purdue has Wisconsin coming into West Lafayette. A rebound win may be tough. During halftime the Illinois student section did a human jumbotron thing. Part of that was a beer mug race. I thought the picture of the empty glasses was a perfect one to lead off the post.  Continue reading


Boilers Homecoming Pictures – Part Two

The Beast

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Boilers With a Somber Win on Homecoming

Let’s just start this out with the obvious and get it out of the way. It seemed like the news of Robbie Hummel getting hurt spread through the 47,000+ at Ross Ade Stadium quicker than the wave. I found out by text message, and of course had to see it from a source online to believe it. To most people in the crowd the football game took a backseat to the breaking news. I will have more about the incident later, but for now let’s just say that a kid like Hummel deserves better than he has gotten. All the hard work to get back only to be disappointed so early in the season. It truly is a terrible thing. I will not forget that he initially hurt his knee against Minnesota, and then re-injured the same knee with Minnesota’s football team in town. The Gopher may be moving to the top of the list of teams that I don’t like.  Continue reading