Farewell Mr. Buehrle

Mark on Opening Day last season

This blog is usually about events that I have attended live. Every now and then though something happens that I feel the need to write about. Today one of those events happened. Today Mark Buehrle signed with the Miami Marlins to join his former manager on the team. I really enjoyed watching Mark pitch during his time with the Sox. The picture above tells you all you need to know about the guy. Here is was Opening Day, and he was walking around with his glove on his head before pitching. He was always loose and fun to watch. Maybe they will let him slide around on the tarp in Miami.


The Big Hurt Gets Bronzed

The Thomas statue shortly after its unveiling. I could barely get in to get this picture let alone get the camera settings dialed in. This turned out better than I thought it would.

Yesterday I made it to U.S. Cellular Field to see the second Frank Thomas day in as many years. Last August I saw the team retire his number. Yesterday they gave him a statue in left field. Frank was probably the best hitter I have seen so far in my life. I have seen players hit more home runs and hit for a higher average, but none that could do both while staying clean. Continue reading

Lots of Fireworks Before Everything is Said and Dunn

Royals pitcher Bruce Chen signing some autographs before the game

Last night I was at the Cell to see the White Sox take on the Royals. I have been to Minor League games on the Fourth of July before, but never a Major League game. For once I really did not have much going on on the holiday so I found a very cheap ticket on StubHub that would allow me to see the Sox on the Fourth. I got to the game a little early to watch batting practice. Last season while on a bus trip I watched the fun that Bruce Chen and Joakim Soria had in the outfield. I usually stand by the Podsednik seat, but I stood a little to the left of that in order to watch them again. They really do seem to enjoy what they do, and it makes you like them as players even if they play for a division rival. Chen even took the time to sign some autographs for some younger Sox fans in the Royals bullpen. While taking some pictures of this duo I noticed that Mike Moustakas was at bat. He is a lefty with some pop so I quit taking pictures long enough to watch his at bat in the cage. He hit a ball that off the bat looked like it was right at me. I hurried up and set my camera down, and got my hands up just in time to snag the ball. I was sitting about seven rows up in the bleachers, and the ball was hit right at me. This was about the same spot that my brother snagged the ball hit by Jeter last August. I was not even trying to get a ball, and of course one is hit right at me! Luckily I caught it with all the people watching. Continue reading

Chicago White Sox @ Cleveland Indians Opening Day Photo Gallery (Part 2)

When I was writing part one earlier I really did not think that I had too many decent pictures from the actual game Friday. The seating is great to watch the game, but if you want to sit down low and take a picture it is almost impossible. The way the seats are aligned a head is almost always in the way. I did manage to get a few in though. Here are the pictures from during the game:


A secret that can only be shared between two Cabrera's

Continue reading

A Great Day For A Ballgame!

Bob Feller is honored as the flag is on the field in Cleveland

What is it that makes Opening Day so special? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it is a sign of the end of winter. After having nothing colorful to look at for months it is amazing how great a green baseball field looks. Yesterday the first thing I did was go down as far as I could to take a look at the green grass. Inside the ballpark you have no idea how dreary it still looks outside. Another great thing about Opening Day is the optimism. For a day everyone is in first place. Even a team like the Indians who have had two straight seasons with 90+ losses can find some optimism on Opening Day. It is amazing to see the looks on people’s faces as they were waiting to get into the ballpark yesterday. For a day everyone is a kid again. That is part of what makes the day so special. I think that even the players have a sense of being a kid again. Before the game I was watching rookie Brent Morel throwing the ball up to himself and catching it while waiting for someone to play catch with. I used to do the same thing as a child, and I am sure that it was not the first time for Brent. Baseball is a beautiful game, and I am glad that it is back. Continue reading

Buehrle is Golden Once Again

Mark with his regular glove last season

Reports are that when the award is announced tomorrow Mark Buehrle will win his second Gold Glove. Mark may have won the award on Opening Day when he ran into foul ground and flipped the ball to Paul Konerko to complete a great play. From that day on I think the award was his to lose.  Continue reading