A panoramic of the fans storming the court at Mackey

The final score from the court

Moore driving the lane

I think that is all that I can put in a title before it becomes too big. Today was a great game at Mackey Arena. The Badgers of Wisconsin came in ranked #11 and cocky as hell just like always. This was probably the biggest game on this campus since 2004 when the Badger football team came in here and handed our football team a loss that has sent the program into a tailspin. Today we exercised some of those demons. We won 60-56 on the backs of our young players. E’Twaun Moore scored 16 points to lead the Boilermakers. He gets my player of the game, and the picture above. He made some key shots throughout the game. Robbie Hummel had another big game. He may not always show it on the boxscore, but he impacts the game by his defense and his hustle. The last three weeks have been progressively better games. Every one has topped the last one as the best game I have seen in Mackey. The crowd was so loud today that my ears were ringing. I loved every minute of it. I watched the replay of the game down here, and the TV does not do it justice. This is a young team, and hopefully the first of many big wins on this floor.
The win was especially sweet today because of the hard times that the program has been through lately. The fans stormed the court for the first time since 1992. I came from my old mans section to get down on the floor. I figured when else am I going to be able to do this? I wanted a picture of the scoreboard from the floor level. I put that picture up above as well. I had so many good pictures today that I couldn’t just pick one to put up top. I also put one up that I made of the fans storming the court. I tried to make a panoramic of the historic rush. It is pretty good, but you can see some ghost students on it.
Purdue is now tied for second place in the Big Ten, and will play Iowa on Wednesday. I was thinking before the game about how far I have come along since my high school days. Before the game I was actually happy to see that IU lost. The transformation is almost complete. I have to get back down here for that to see the school I graduated from play the pro team of the state that I used to live in. I want to see us crush Iowa. Boiler Up!