My Mackey Tour

Tonight I was at the windmills getting some pictures when I got a call. For some reason I had completely missed the fact that there was a public tour tonight. I hurried back to town to get to see the updated arena up close. That is another positive of moving to West Lafayette is that things like this are now possible. We got there fairly late so we had to move quickly to get to see everything so I tried to shoot on the go. No real setups so some of the pictures aren’t technically correct, but I think they get the point across. The highlight of the night though had to be getting to shoot at the hoop opposite the tunnel. I don’t want to make excuses, but I missed my first shot off the back of the rim. In my defense though it was a three from the corner with my camera bag on my back. I took a second shot and nailed it. I am sure everyone was sick of me saying that I am 50% from behind the arc in Mackey by the end of the night. We had a great time though, and the arena looks great. Here are a few pictures that show some of the improvements up close. I know that the employees are probably ready for a break after the long opening weekend, but it was nice of them to open their gates for us to see the arena.

The view from under the basket

I love how the new tunnel looks from the inside

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Matt Painter to Stay at Purdue!

Matt Painter keeping his eye on the ball

Well now that the roller coaster has apparently come to a stop we now think that Matt Painter will remain a Boilermaker. I still don’t know what to make of the last few days. My first thought was that there was absolutely no way that Painter would go to Missouri. Who are these people that think that he might? Then at some point Sunday night after being away from the computer most of the weekend I started to see some reasons why he might go. Then it started to become real. Of course I had some frustrations that I put in my post about the possibility of him leaving. Those frustrations just seemed to build until I found out that he would stay. So what does this mean for Purdue now? Continue reading

Letterman Likes Purdue!

Edit: For some reason the link isn’t working. You can see the video here

Watching some of the tournament shows I saw where CBS College Sports did a segment similar to the President Obama/Andy Katz segment with Letterman picking through the tourney. He continually picked Purdue to advance eventually having them beat Ohio State in the final game. His explanation for that was because they would show footage of Keady’s combover if Purdue starts advancing far. No matter what it is cool to see Purdue advancing that far on paper. Now time to make it happen in real life!