Purdue Women’s Basketball Season In Review


Drey Mingo leaves the court with the WNIT trophy just before her illness

The men’s basketball season was changed with an ACL injury during the second practice changing the outcome of the season. The women’s season was changed four minutes in when KK Hauser tore her ACL. A dynamic point guard was lost for the season leaving the team with a true freshman running the point. That did not stop them from winning the preseason WNIT tournament. Things were looking good for the Boilers for sure. Then they got even worse news. Drey Mingo who helped lead the team to the title went down with bacterial meningitis. Not only was her season in jeopardy, her life was. She was given a 50-50 chance to make it out of the hospital alive. Continue reading


Purdue Advance to Face UConn Tuesday Night


Brittany shooting a free throw earlier this season at Notre Dame

Brittany Rayburn and Drey Mingo led the Boilers to the opening round win today against Kansas State 53-45. They were led by impressive efforts of juniors Brittany Rayburn and Drey Mingo. Brittany finished the game with 21 points, and Drey finished with 16 points. They really picked up the scoring when nobody else seemed to want to score. I don’t think that you can state enough what a force Brittany was in the second half when the Boilers needed some points. This is the player we love to see. When she has her confidence she is tough to defend.

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Another Ohio State vs. Purdue Photo Gallery

With both the mens and womens team playing Sunday I had a few pictures of Ohio State and Purdue on my camera. I took even more pictures at the womens game because it was the last game of the season at home, and they had special uniforms on. I may get to see them play again, but you never know. I wish they were pictures from a win, but you can’t change what happened. Here is possibly the last womens photo gallery of the season.


GABS was really into the pink theme on the day.

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Stabbed in the Heart

Drey Mingo in the layup line before the second half

That is how I felt as I left Mackey Arena yesterday. I knew that the women’s game would not come close to topping the men’s game. 14,123 screaming fans that unofficially hit 119 db would be hard to beat. The women’s game two hours late did draw almost 10,000 fans according to the box score. By the end of the game I was probably more into the game than I was the men’s game. The Ohio State girls have such attitudes that you can’t help but hate them. If they are that cocky and at the top of the league I could understand it, but they were fighting to not go to .500 in league play. I think that attitude comes back to bite them sometimes. Continue reading

Purdue vs. Michigan Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the thrilling win Thursday night.

Freshman Dee Dee Williams gets her shot blocked early

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Moses Leads the Boilers to the Victory

Courtney Moses gets off one of her seven first half threes

The Boilers gave the fans some bang for their buck last night by winning a thrilling game 65-64 over Michigan. Brittany Rayburn hit a jumper with 11 seconds left to give the Boilers the win in front of the dollar night crowd. The special promotion allowed fans to see the game for $1 along with specials on food and drinks. I noticed a few more people in the upper bowl, but the lower bowl seemed emptier than usual. Maybe it was because of people like me who sat with other people in the upper bowl instead of their normal seats down low. It could have been the icy roads that kept a few away as well. I really have trouble understanding why more people don’t come out and watch the team. I know that I never really did until a couple of years ago. Of course now we all know how I was hooked, and drive way too far all winter long to see them play. Come on out and watch a game and you might get hooked too.

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