You Can’t Spell Boilermaker Without a K…but 14 of them?

Boiler pitcher Matt Morgan and his high leg kick

The Boiler pitching staff had a great day today striking out fourteen Wolverines as the offense came alive to give them a 8-0 win to open the weekend series. I got to the game a little late today, but once I walked in it was well worth the drive down. I have been to a handful of games over the last couple of years, but it always seems as if Matt Morgan was pitching when I attended. Today was not any different. Matt struck out eight batters in his six innings of work, and Nick Wittgren struck out six of the eleven batters he face to shut down Michigan. Fourteen strikeouts is a great way to start a series. Continue reading


Should I Be Encouraged?

Sean Robinson sacked in the second quarter

Yesterday I walked away from the game with much more hope than I thought that I would going into it. We had some logistical problems that caused me to miss the onside kick to start the game. Once there though I saw a team in the first half that looked like a football team. It was amazing how much better the defense looked when they were rested. Yet after a day to think about the game I wondered if I should be happy with that result. Last season we were up in arms because the team committed too many turnovers. The team righted that ship against Ohio State, and things started to turn around. Yesterday the Boilers finally had a good outing, but turnovers killed them. I know all the reasons why you should look past the turnovers, but that is hard to do.  Continue reading

Purdue Plays Hockey?

I have known that Purdue played hockey for some time now, but never got around to seeing them play until Saturday. Since 2006 I have been meaning to drive to see them play, but have not made it. They used to play at home in Danville, Illinois which is quite a drive from Northwest Indiana. On the way home from the football game in Champaign I made a slight detour to Bloomington to see the Purdue hockey team play finally. They did not play in a big arena, but rather next to it. The team played in a public skating rink that was cleared out in time for the game. At first I wondered what I was getting myself into, but once the action started it was worth it.  Continue reading