Bobby Jenks Can Close Everything But His Mouth

Bobby Jenks warming up in 2009

This site is normally reserved for my experiences observing sporting events. Every now and then something comes along that gets me fired up. The last time this happened was when Brett Favre was texting pictures of his junk to everybody. Now something else has come along that has me a little riled up.

When he came up in 2005 Bobby Jenks was such a great story. He was a player that was left for dead in the Angels organization. He came up from AA Birmingham and led the club to the World Series title. It takes guts to pitch in the playoffs like he did. He was a great pitcher for some time in Chicago. Continue reading


Bobby Jenks Is Changing His Sox

Bobby throwing some heat earlier this season at the Cell

The news today is that Bobby Jenks has signed a deal with the Boston Red Sox. The former White Sox pitcher was not picked up this season by Kenny Williams leaving him free to shop his services around. Continue reading

Oh Captain! My Captain!


Paulie hits a double against the Royals earlier this season while fellow signee A.J. Pierzynski watches

Today the news came that most White Sox fans were waiting for. Paul Konerko signed a 3 year deal worth $37.5 million dollars today to stay on the South Side. Early in October I thought that I was witnessing the end of the White Sox careers of either Paulie or AJ. Thankfully both will be coming back. With the temperatures under twenty degrees today it is hard to think of baseball, but this news brings hope come spring. Welcome back Paulie! Continue reading

The White Sox Are Finally Making Some News

Adam Dunn against the Cardinals in 2009

The last couple of days have been huge for White Sox fans. First off I heard the news yesterday that the Sox had declined the option on Erick Threets. What huge news. Oh yeah they also declined a guy named Bobby Jenks as well. They did pick up the option on Alexei Ramirez which I would think is no shock to anyone. I thought at the time that the White Sox finally had something going on this off season. Continue reading

Five Years Ago I Lost My Mind

As you can see in the above video I completely lost my mind when the Sox clinched the Series in 2005. I was sitting in the United Center watching the game with some great people who made the night awesome! It is funny to look back at it now with how Juan Uribe is helping the Giants to the Series. Juan made a great play at the start of the video going into the stands for the second out, and then used his cannon to record the final out. Continue reading