Ashley Wilson Lost for Season

Ashley Wilson with a basket last Thursday against Michigan

Lately at Purdue when you hear those words you assume that a knee was involved. This time it was grades that took a player off the court. The loss is big for Purdue. After missing the start of the season Ashley has really been playing well lately. Her rebounding and toughness will be hard for the Boilers to replace. This is a tough loss that really should not have happened. Continue reading

Purdue vs. Michigan Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the thrilling win Thursday night.

Freshman Dee Dee Williams gets her shot blocked early

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Moses Leads the Boilers to the Victory

Courtney Moses gets off one of her seven first half threes

The Boilers gave the fans some bang for their buck last night by winning a thrilling game 65-64 over Michigan. Brittany Rayburn hit a jumper with 11 seconds left to give the Boilers the win in front of the dollar night crowd. The special promotion allowed fans to see the game for $1 along with specials on food and drinks. I noticed a few more people in the upper bowl, but the lower bowl seemed emptier than usual. Maybe it was because of people like me who sat with other people in the upper bowl instead of their normal seats down low. It could have been the icy roads that kept a few away as well. I really have trouble understanding why more people don’t come out and watch the team. I know that I never really did until a couple of years ago. Of course now we all know how I was hooked, and drive way too far all winter long to see them play. Come on out and watch a game and you might get hooked too.

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The Tables Are Turned

Courtney Moses and Alex Guyton go after the ball and force one of 27 turnovers on the day

After being on the wrong end of a blowout the last couple of games the Boilers returned the favor yesterday afternoon in Mackey Arena. Purdue came out looking for blood, and found a donor. The Murray State Racers were in the wrong place at the wrong time as they were just run over. After the last month the basketball team has had they needed a win like this. It is hard to believe that this team was 4-0 and hoisting the WNIT trophy during their last win. Since then the have lost three straight games, and had a huge scare with the Drey Mingo incident. Continue reading

Purdue @ Notre Dame Photo Gallery

Here is the photo gallery from the game on Sunday. Now as many of you know when you are at Notre Dame and the game is televised you cannot take pictures when the game is going on. You can take pictures before the game, during timeouts, and after the game. Taking them during the action is prohibited. I honored their wishes and did not take pictures during the game. Any pictures that appear to be during the game have actually been re-enacted for effect. To honor their wishes I have not posted any pictures of their basketball players unless they are part of a picture. I understand that they don’t want any publicity for their team, and I have tried to crop their players out when possible. I use to go to a lot more games at Notre Dame, but since my hobby is taking pictures I will usually only go to games that are not on TV. So here are the pictures taken Sunday.

Strength and conditioning coach Ron Thomson seems to be telling Chantel Poston and Chelsea Jones to get back down here

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Irish Give Muffet a Win For Her Birthday


The Irish fans celebrate McGraw's birthday

Yesterday their were many storylines heading into the game. It was the 1,000th game in the history of Notre Dame women’s basketball. That game also happened to come on Irish coach Muffet McGraw’s birthday. Purdue came into the game 0-4 in the last four meetings against the Irish. They still had to be stinging from the late game collapse against Maryland on Thursday. Continue reading