Purdue Women’s Basketball Season In Review


Drey Mingo leaves the court with the WNIT trophy just before her illness

The men’s basketball season was changed with an ACL injury during the second practice changing the outcome of the season. The women’s season was changed four minutes in when KK Hauser tore her ACL. A dynamic point guard was lost for the season leaving the team with a true freshman running the point. That did not stop them from winning the preseason WNIT tournament. Things were looking good for the Boilers for sure. Then they got even worse news. Drey Mingo who helped lead the team to the title went down with bacterial meningitis. Not only was her season in jeopardy, her life was. She was given a 50-50 chance to make it out of the hospital alive. Continue reading

Stabbed in the Heart

Drey Mingo in the layup line before the second half

That is how I felt as I left Mackey Arena yesterday. I knew that the women’s game would not come close to topping the men’s game. 14,123 screaming fans that unofficially hit 119 db would be hard to beat. The women’s game two hours late did draw almost 10,000 fans according to the box score. By the end of the game I was probably more into the game than I was the men’s game. The Ohio State girls have such attitudes that you can’t help but hate them. If they are that cocky and at the top of the league I could understand it, but they were fighting to not go to .500 in league play. I think that attitude comes back to bite them sometimes. Continue reading

Purdue vs. Michigan Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the thrilling win Thursday night.

Freshman Dee Dee Williams gets her shot blocked early

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Purdue vs. Wisconsin Photo Gallery

Here are some of the pictures from Friday night. I really wish I had one in here of the Purdue game winner, but it was not to be.
Purdue Pete getting fired up prior to the game

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On the Wrong Side of History Once Again

Courtney Moses with the ball in the first half

Last night the Purdue women lost a heartbreaker 68-66 to Wisconsin in their Big Ten opener. What made the win so historical was the fact that Wisconsin had not won in Mackey since 1984. Yes you read that right 1984. It seems that I have seen lots of Purdue history lately, but all on the wrong side. Helping Wisconsin to that win was their 11 three pointers which tied for the most all-time in Badger history. More history I saw on the wrong side of. Continue reading

Purdue vs. Southern Illinois Photo Gallery

After a steal Chantel Poston gets hammered trying the layup

Drey Mingo working on offense

Mingo playing some tough D as well

Coaching is all about proper pointing...

...as you can see here as well

Alex Guyton with the easy shot

Even the cheerleaders were having a good night Monday

The obligitory Brittany Rayburn picture

Chelsea Jones getting a shot off

Antoinette Howard with a put back

Mingo calling for the ball

Boilers Continue to Roll Against Salukis

Chantel Poston getting a steal in the first half

Purdue is finding its rythym again after dropping three tough games in the wake of the Drey Mingo illness. The three games would have been tough anyway, but they had a lot to deal with. After a nice win against Auburn Saturday that saw Drey’s return to the court the Boilers had a home game Monday night. The weather was not the greatest, but the fans that did make the trip to Mackey Arena were witness to a show. Courtney Moses who was the Big Ten Freshman of the week made her case to make it back to back weeks against the Salukis. She scored eighteen points on the night to go along with a career high six assists. Courtney seemed to spark the team with both her offense and her defense. She is playing very well right now for a true freshman. Heck she is playing well for a senior right now.

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Purdue vs. Murray State Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the game Sunday. I didn’t take as many as normal again, but I found a few that I liked.

Courtney playing right out of her headband early in the game

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The Tables Are Turned

Courtney Moses and Alex Guyton go after the ball and force one of 27 turnovers on the day

After being on the wrong end of a blowout the last couple of games the Boilers returned the favor yesterday afternoon in Mackey Arena. Purdue came out looking for blood, and found a donor. The Murray State Racers were in the wrong place at the wrong time as they were just run over. After the last month the basketball team has had they needed a win like this. It is hard to believe that this team was 4-0 and hoisting the WNIT trophy during their last win. Since then the have lost three straight games, and had a huge scare with the Drey Mingo incident. Continue reading

Purdue @ Notre Dame Photo Gallery

Here is the photo gallery from the game on Sunday. Now as many of you know when you are at Notre Dame and the game is televised you cannot take pictures when the game is going on. You can take pictures before the game, during timeouts, and after the game. Taking them during the action is prohibited. I honored their wishes and did not take pictures during the game. Any pictures that appear to be during the game have actually been re-enacted for effect. To honor their wishes I have not posted any pictures of their basketball players unless they are part of a picture. I understand that they don’t want any publicity for their team, and I have tried to crop their players out when possible. I use to go to a lot more games at Notre Dame, but since my hobby is taking pictures I will usually only go to games that are not on TV. So here are the pictures taken Sunday.

Strength and conditioning coach Ron Thomson seems to be telling Chantel Poston and Chelsea Jones to get back down here

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