Purdue vs. Michigan Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the thrilling win Thursday night.

Freshman Dee Dee Williams gets her shot blocked early

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Moses Leads the Boilers to the Victory

Courtney Moses gets off one of her seven first half threes

The Boilers gave the fans some bang for their buck last night by winning a thrilling game 65-64 over Michigan. Brittany Rayburn hit a jumper with 11 seconds left to give the Boilers the win in front of the dollar night crowd. The special promotion allowed fans to see the game for $1 along with specials on food and drinks. I noticed a few more people in the upper bowl, but the lower bowl seemed emptier than usual. Maybe it was because of people like me who sat with other people in the upper bowl instead of their normal seats down low. It could have been the icy roads that kept a few away as well. I really have trouble understanding why more people don’t come out and watch the team. I know that I never really did until a couple of years ago. Of course now we all know how I was hooked, and drive way too far all winter long to see them play. Come on out and watch a game and you might get hooked too.

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Purdue vs. Wisconsin Photo Gallery

Here are some of the pictures from Friday night. I really wish I had one in here of the Purdue game winner, but it was not to be.
Purdue Pete getting fired up prior to the game

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On the Wrong Side of History Once Again

Courtney Moses with the ball in the first half

Last night the Purdue women lost a heartbreaker 68-66 to Wisconsin in their Big Ten opener. What made the win so historical was the fact that Wisconsin had not won in Mackey since 1984. Yes you read that right 1984. It seems that I have seen lots of Purdue history lately, but all on the wrong side. Helping Wisconsin to that win was their 11 three pointers which tied for the most all-time in Badger history. More history I saw on the wrong side of. Continue reading

Purdue vs. Southern Illinois Photo Gallery

After a steal Chantel Poston gets hammered trying the layup

Drey Mingo working on offense

Mingo playing some tough D as well

Coaching is all about proper pointing...

...as you can see here as well

Alex Guyton with the easy shot

Even the cheerleaders were having a good night Monday

The obligitory Brittany Rayburn picture

Chelsea Jones getting a shot off

Antoinette Howard with a put back

Mingo calling for the ball

Boilers Continue to Roll Against Salukis

Chantel Poston getting a steal in the first half

Purdue is finding its rythym again after dropping three tough games in the wake of the Drey Mingo illness. The three games would have been tough anyway, but they had a lot to deal with. After a nice win against Auburn Saturday that saw Drey’s return to the court the Boilers had a home game Monday night. The weather was not the greatest, but the fans that did make the trip to Mackey Arena were witness to a show. Courtney Moses who was the Big Ten Freshman of the week made her case to make it back to back weeks against the Salukis. She scored eighteen points on the night to go along with a career high six assists. Courtney seemed to spark the team with both her offense and her defense. She is playing very well right now for a true freshman. Heck she is playing well for a senior right now.

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