2010-11 Purdue Men’s Basketball Preview

The Boiler D in action against Duke

It’s that time of year again. On Sunday the Purdue men start playing games that actually count. With that upon us I thought that I would attempt a preview for the season. This will not be an in depth look at stats. This is just a look at the players, and how I think they will impact this team. At the end I will take a stab at predicting the conference standings at the end of the year.   Continue reading


College Football Wrap (Week 10 Edition)

Once again a busy week has prevented me from putting together the wrap that I had started. This is more to get my picks from last week out of the way so that this week’s preview can be a little shorter. Purdue pulled off the upset of Wisconsin if you only count first half scores, or scores not associated with turnovers. Of course both of those count so the Boilers still need two wins to become bowl eligible. Last week I talked about how this week’s picks would bring me to 100 on the season. I went 7-3 for the week to bring me to 82-18. I can even do that math being an OLS major. Each week I feel that I have been doing okay, but I would like to be a bit higher than 82%. That being said I have not been slacking when it comes to picking the games outside of the Big Ten Conference. Two of my losses last week were in tough SEC games. I guess I have to do a bit more homework before I do my picks. Of course a little luck would not hurt. Here is how I did last week (as usual the actual score is in parenthesis): Continue reading

2010-11 Purdue Women’s Basketball Preview

The Boilers celebrate the upset over #4 Ohio State last season

Last year the Boilers had a tough season. They did not perform up to their expectations and missed the NCAA Tournament for the first time in seventeen seasons. At some points of the season it looked as though more players were in street clothes on the sidelines than were dressed for the game. One thing I noticed though was that the girls never gave up. The highlight of the season had to be the upset of then #4 Ohio State in Mackey. That two point victory in late January showed everyone what this team was capable of. Three freshman KK Houser, Sam Ostarello, and Ashley Wilson led the Boilers to that upset win. All three played well last year, but did lapse into some stretches that you would expect from a true freshman. This squad is without a senior class. I wonder what the team will do on senior day? To me that just means that the future is bright for these young girls. They have the talent, but can they put it all together? Continue reading

Games Notes: Purdue Boilermakers vs. #7 Wisconsin Badgers

We may see this flag a lot on Saturday

Well this post will be tough. The Boilers have lost the last two games by a combined 93-10. They have lost their last two to the Badgers by a combined score of 61-3. That does not inspire great confidence in me as I prepare to head down to West Lafayette. A lot of people are talking about how we were in a similar situation last season with #7 Ohio State coming into town. This is not the same situation. The Purdue team last season had lost some tight games in their tailspin. This team has gotten their butts kicked the last two games, and are showing no signs of coming out of it.  Continue reading

College Football Wrap (Week 9 Edition)

This week is busy with a basketball game thrown into the mix so this wrap will be short. I will just talk a little about my picks from last week, and then move on to other things. I have already covered the Purdue game enough. No more really needs to be said about that. The first game that shocked me was the Michigan State game at Iowa. Continue reading

Game Notes: Purdue @ Illinois

Chief Illiniwek during his last football performance in 2006

This will be the second time that I have traveled to Champaign to see the Boilers play the Illini. The first was in 2006 when Joe Tiller’s group took advantage of turnovers to become bowl eligible. While reading the Illinois preview on Hammer and Rails I saw that Boiler T-Mill who does most of the writing had a 7-11 record following Purdue on the road. That got me thinking about my record following Purdue. I have seen Purdue on the road fifteen times so far. Of those fifteen times the Boilers have dropped ten of them. The worst loss by far had to be last season at Wisconsin when they went down 37-0. I am really glad that I sold my Ohio State tickets for last weekend because that would have been horrible to have seen in person. Here is a quick breakdown of my Purdue road trips by team: Continue reading