College Basketball Game of the Week (IU Sucks Edition)

It is that time of the year. Indiana comes to West Lafayette Tuesday night, and I can’t think of any game bigger this week. Last week the women did their part by winning at home to complete the season sweep of IU. The men now have to do their part. Indiana is a program that has been showing some life lately. They have had two big wins over ranked opponents on their floor. This game will be played at Mackey obviously so hopefully the fans can help make it a tough place for the Hoosiers. I have seen some great games between these two schools in my short time as a season ticket holder. I hope that this one is a boring blowout. Purdue will have had a week off since the Wisconsin loss, and they should be ready to come out firing. Continue reading


Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery

I really did not take too many pictures today so the gallery is short. Here are a few that I liked including one I still don’t understand.

The player of the game Courtney Moses playing some tough defense

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Boilers Beat Hoosiers

Dee Dee Williams and Chelsea Jones try and shut down the middle

I could have come up with a catchy title, but I just like reading that one. I hope I get to use it again in about a week and a half. Today the Boilers came out and set the tone early again Indiana. They came out of the gate playing tough defense. They used some key turnovers to take an early 11-2 lead. Drey Mingo was a huge part of that run scoring seven points including a nice rebound, put back, and foul shot for a three point play on the first possession. Drey finished the game with sixteen points, and had a very good day. Continue reading

Leaders and Legends

Since shortly after Nebraska joined the Big Ten we knew that there would be two divisions. We also knew what teams were in each division. One thing that we didn’t know though was the name of each division. Today the names were announced at a press conference held at noon. Since I was snowed in with the authorities writing tickets for being on the road I had nothing better to do than to watch the press conference and then post about it. The announcement did not seem to go over too well through the few people I saw comment about it via the social networks. I think that over time people will get used to some of these ideas. After the Wrigley debacle though they had to be nervous about how the public would take this decision. No new rule changes were announced during the half hour show. So far all games next season will feature teams switching sids at the quarters and playing both ways. Continue reading

Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery Part 2

Although the second half did not turn out as I would have hoped here are the pictures from the final two plus quarters of Saturday’s game.

A Ben Chappell fumble lays on the ground. Albert Evans recovered the ball, but the play was overturned

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Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery Part 1

Since it was the last game in a Purdue uniform for some of the seniors I decided to make this photo gallery a little bit bigger. Today is part one with pictures from the first half of the Saturday’s contest. Tomorrow I will post the second half photo gallery.

Seniors Ryan Kerrigan, Dan Dierking, Jason Werner, and Kyle Adams at the pre game coin toss

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