The Eyes Have It

Dave Wegiel Photography

Wilky Orelien (18) chases down the blocked punt during the college football game on September 7th, 2013 at Alumni Stadium. the St. Joseph's Puma's won 34-31 over the Valparaiso Crusaders

Photo(s) of the Day

Saturday I was lucky enough to be on the sidelines of the college football game between the St. Joseph’s Pumas and the Valparaiso Crusaders. The purpose of my visit was to try and get some pictures that I cannot get from the stands at a game. What I found during the course of the game was how much the eyes in the pictures mattered. I would love a shot, but then the eyes would make it pop even more to me. I spent most of the game down on a knee if not lower to make the players appear even taller.

Technical Data

Because of the harsh sun I brought back some of the highlights and shadow detail, but other than that not much was done here. I love how easy sports images are to edit.

More From the Game

I normally don’t publish more than…

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