Purdue Is Still Alive In the Tourney!

Purdue CBI Round 1-2

Last night I went to Mackey Arena to once again follow Purdue in the tournament. This year instead of visiting Spokane, Houston, or anywhere else beautiful I would just drive across town to see them play. The CBI tournament is not the most prestigious this time of year, but the team still gets to play in Mackey. More importantly the young kids get more practice and game time. If Purdue can have a good tournament a .500 record and 20 wins could also be in the cards. I walked up to the stadium and sat in the Black Club Seats eight rows up. These were great seats closer to the action then I have sat for some time. I loved how close I was to the action, but the cost is also great. The stadium was far from full, and it was a different type of crowd. Hopefully as the wins in the tournament pile up the fans start coming. It would be nice if those who came from game one could keep that seat though. This is a pay to play tournament, and when it is all said and done I hope Purdue has to shell out some money. I don’t think that their would be much prestige to winning this tournament, but a win is far better than a loss. I normally post a photo gallery here instead of babble, but I thought that I would put my incoherent two cents in. A few more pictures from the game can be found on my Facebook page here.


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