Purdue Shuts Down the Illini


terone floater

Tonight I saw a great game in Mackey Arena. Purdue was not given a shot by many to win this Big Ten Opener against #11 Illinois. When I left home tonight I did so with the intention of being home a little early. When I sat in my seat at Mackey though I started to get that feeling. I have had those before so I quickly Tweeted my gut feeling that we were going to win. I was certain of it. As we kept hanging with Illinois the feeling started to grow a bit. There were moments of doubt, but Terone Johnson and DJ Byrd erased all doubt in the end. This is what you want to see. Two upperclassmen turning it on when the team needs them. Terone had a great game overall finishing with 25 points, and DJ  had some great plays down the stretch to seal the deal. That timeout sliding on the knees to keep the ball in Purdue’s possession was huge. The three point play he got on the next inbounds was even bigger. This was a great game that I am glad that I was able to see in person. To all of those who missed it tonight shame on you. I will have a photo gallery up later tonight after I get them all downloaded. In the meantime Boiler Up!


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