Will The Skid End Today?

A big hole opens up for PSU in 2008

I have pretty much quit writing any kind of analysis on here. The way I see it there are too many Purdue blogs out there, and what can I say that already hasn’t been said and repeated by the other blogs. I just didn’t see the need to add to that list. Before the Ohio State game I almost started writing again to predict the win. For most of that game I was upset that I didn’t finish my thoughts. Today as the sleet is coming down a few hours before game time I thought that I would put some thoughts down on what has happened. Like many Boiler fans I am not happy with how things have turned out so far this season. Before it even started I had these fantasies of playing in Pasadena. It was a longshot, but with the best Purdue team under Hope and a seemingly greased path it just required a good game in Indy to get there. The way we played against a very good Notre Dame squad on their field just added to my optimism. The last four weeks have seen that pipe dream come crashing down. This season for Purdue has now turned into a survival game instead of the glory that was once promised. They must win out from here to have a better season by record than last year. They must also at least get to six games I think for the head coach to feel safe.

I really like Danny Hope. I have attended his radio show a few times, and he really seems like a good guy. I have wished for nothing but success for him. Ever since the hire their has been a faction of Purdue fans who have nitpicked the hire and the man. Every small detail of a game is scrutinized to find fault. You can do that with every coach, but some have had it out for Danny. The last four games have now made that number even larger. I really want to see a streak here to see what Danny can do to build something here at Purdue. A coaching change now just seems silly as it will just set us back again.

I am the type of fan that expects a win every game. Am I entitled? No. I just always have the optimism that we will win. Sometimes that is rewarded as it was in 2009 when we shocked the country. Other times it makes the loss a little tougher to take as the Michigan and Wisconsin games were for me. I will be sitting in Ross Ade today no matter what the weather to watch this team win. If ever a team should come out with a chip on their shoulder it should be today. A couple of seasons ago I posted a game thread that started with the phrase someone needs to get punched in the mouth. It was about the mentality of coming out strong to knock your opponent down early. We have had some great drives to start the game lately, but our D has let them right back in the games. We need to come out firing on both sides of the ball, and the W flag can fly again.

That is the end of my free flow rant, and the writing on here for a while. On the right hand side of the blog I have linked to various Purdue sites that I visit and recommend. There are probably 30 more by now, but these are the blogs that I have come to trust. They can give you the fans point of view. I will try and get some decent pictures today to continue the trend this season of a photo gallery after the game. Today feels like a Braveheart moment for me. This season is standing in front of a huge army, and the next battle will go a long way in determine how the war will turn out. Today is do or die, and I hope more than the expected crowd shows up to support this team.