Thank You Coach Hope

Coach Hope during the National Anthem earlier this season

For some reason many did not like the hire of Coach Danny Hope at Purdue from the start. All it took was one time hearing him speak to realize how much he cared for Purdue. He was an easy guy to like, and I think that he left some pieces here at the school that they can build on with the next coach. For better or worse he was let go by the school today. He did have some big losing streaks with the team, but his teams never quit on him. Two straight home blowouts may have sealed his fate earlier this season. Lots of names are being thrown around as being the next coach at Purdue, but only Morgan Burke knows the list for sure. No matter what the next coach will have a tough road ahead of him looking at next years schedule. Sometimes you have to make the tough decisions, and I think that Morgan was forced to make this one. You don’t excite a fanbase by just beating the patsies on your schedule. The new coach will have to get some butts in the seats quickly, and a few wins will do just that.

I was lucky enough to hear Coach Hope speak in person a few times, and you could just see how much fire he had in him. Watching him do his radio show live this season with jokers calling in to try and kick him while he was down you could see how hard it was, but he kept his head up. I hope that he finds a good job somewhere, and he will have a lifelong fan.


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