Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures from the last home game this season for the Boilers. Going into the game you had the feeling that it was the end of an era. Today that was confirmed when it was announced that Danny Hope would no longer be Purdue’s head football coach. I will have more on that later. What is important here is that we retained the bucket, and did it with a very good display of offense. I was lucky enough to be on the field at the end of the game so I tried to include a few celebratory shots here as well. A bittersweet day to be a fan for sure.

Coach Hope surveys his troops for the last time

Coach Wilson and Coach Hope meet at midfield prior to the game. Imagine what their conversation was about

The best damn band in the land takes the field

Robert Marve leads the team onto the field for the last time

The team overtakes the special as they come out

Coach Hope with Antwon Higgs during the National Anthem


Antwon HIggs with a rally cry during the opening kick

Raheem Mostert with a big run. It was nice seeing him back on kicks again yesterday

Rob Henry and Akeem Shavers run the read option

Akeem Shavers with a nice run

Antavian Edison tries to find some running room

Antwon Higgs getting pumped up during a tv timeout

Max Charlot enjoying his last time on the Ross Ade sidelines

Indiana had some good moments too as you can see here

Robert Marve slings it around for one last time in Ross Ade stadium

The Golden Girl twirling at the half

The Golden Girl twirling at the half again

The Golden Girl twirling at the half yet again

Robert Marve congratulating O.J. Ross on a nice run after catch for a touchdown

Ryan Isaac on the sidelines. I really wanted a shot of the Neil Armstrong sticker that the team wears on its helmet

Frankie Williams makes a Willie Mays style interception here deep in Indiana territory

Crosby Wright drags two IU defenders down the field during his 58 yard run

Wil Lucas makes a fumble recovery to give Purdue good field position yet again

The line of battle

Gary Bush finishes off a touchdown run

Akeem Shavers with the ball yet again

Another shot of the line of scrimmage

Matt Light leads the crowd in ‘Shout’

Stephen Houston lost part of the I on his helmet making it appear as if he had a field goal post on it

Bruce Gaston kissing the bucket

The team takes the bucket to the fans

More fun with the bucket and the fans as Charles Torwudzo enjoys the moment

The fans, BJ Gaston, and the bucket

Another shot of the students and the bucket

Crosby Wright sees that Purdue has its bowl ticket punched


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