The I’s Have It

The Iowa flags fly proudly in Kinnick back in 2006

Today marks the start of three straight games against teams that begin with the letter I. The team names are Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana. These three teams stand in the way of Purdue making a bowl game. With the right amount of luck they would also stand between Purdue and a chance to play in Indy for the Big Ten Title. Do I think that this team can play there? Sure. They play the games for a reason. If the team that played so well at Notre Dame and at Ohio State shows up I think that we could even win the game. If the team that I have seen at home the last three times shows up then we might not win a conference game this season, and we will all be paying close attention to Northern Illinois in their bowl game. This is that moment for Purdue’s Football team. They have their backs against the wall, and things are not looking good. Can they use that sense of fear to propel them? The three teams left are not strong. Iowa and Illinois are not very good. Indiana has a good offense, but they despite their fans claims are not that good. That being said the Bucket Game could be very interesting this season. One team could spoil it for the other one. Even if Indy is off the table for either team a bowl game could be on the line.

You might read that first paragraph and think that I am crazy. I just may be. I would rather be the fan with a positive attitude than the negative Nancy that you see way too many times at games. Do I think that it is probable that we will play in Indy? No. I do however think that it is possible, and at this point in the season you cling to whatever you can.

For the second straight week the football team has brought me out of semi-retirement writing on this blog to post something. I really want to see these kids do well. That is what makes it so hard to watch when they are not playing well. Maybe this week will be the start of something very interesting. After all I wouldn’t mind spending New Year’s somewhere warm and sunny.

4 thoughts on “The I’s Have It

  1. Purdue played a solid game today against my Hawkeyes. Congratulations on a fine win. I’ll be adding some shots from my vantage point at the game to my blog shortly. Hope floats!

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