Purdue vs. Penn State Photo Gallery

Today the Purdue Football team lost it’s fifth game in a row. Four of those games have not even been close, and things are not looking up for the team. It is hard to be optimistic when you are getting crushed on both sides of the ball. After last week’s game I had a bad feeling that things were going to be hard for Danny Hope from here on out. Unless he wins out, and wins the bowl game I think that a change will be made. I really like the guy, but I think the lack of butts in the seats and wins on the scoreboard will spell the end of this era of Purdue football. That being said I will be rooting for the Boilers to win out. Here are some pictures that I liked from the game today.

Purdue came out firing today with a great entrance. This may have been the highlight of the game


Akeem Shavers loses the ball early in the game

Allen Robinson makes an acrobatic catch in front of Ricardo Allen

Zach Zwinak had a big day running for Penn State. No dancing here, just north and south running

Robert Marve started his first Big Ten game ever today. Fans got what they have been clamoring for, but the results didn’t follow

Teammates celebrate with Ricardo Allen after a sack late in the game

Gary Bush tries to find some room after catching a screen pass

Akeem Hunt knows that you are never to busy to play cowboys and indians

The band performed a tribute to Neil Armstrong at the half today

Zach Zwinak running the ball again



Robert Marve pays the price for a throw late in the game

Zach Zwinak with a lot of room to run again

Today’s game was disheartening for sure. The fun near the end was joking about the potential comeback. Then thanks to a trick play the team was able to score a touchdown as time expired. You know things are bad when you are having that much fun during a game in which the team just gets clobbered. Purdue will play for the Bucket on November 24th in Ross Ade. That will be the last time that we will see the Boilers at home this season. Time will tell if that game will mean anything for either team.









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