Purdue vs. Michigan Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures from the game yesterday. I had a prior engagement so I could only watch the first quarter in the stadium, but that may have been just as well. I think that yesterday was a case of terrible timing. The Boilers were very confident, and Michigan was still seething from a beat down in South Bend with a bye week behind them. I have said all season that the Boilers have a good shot to end up in Indy for the title game. This game would have been huge, but it was not a Leaders Division game. They need to come out just as mad as Wisconsin last week, and get this ship righted. One bad game does not define a season. Another game like this next week though and it just may. Here are a few of the pictures from last week that I liked:

The Boilers seemed to come out very pumped up yesterday

Robert Marve was dressed and played against the Wolverines. He is a playmaker, but one wonders what his body will let him do at this point

Marve warming up again. He is a treat to watch, and I hope that he can give this team a spark

Marve and Caleb TerBush having some fun just prior to the kickoff

Freshman Danny Anthrop on the sidelines

Jeremy Gallon finds the corner

Jeremy Gallon getting stopped by Josh Johnson

Michigan running back Fitzgerald Toussaint getting corralled by the Boilers

Denard Robinson with all day to throw

Jeremy Gallon evading tackles yet again

Denard Robinson back to throw again

Denard Robinson with another big run

Caleb TerBush getting pressured by Jake Ryan

The next frame shows TerBush getting grabbed by the facemask.

Denard Robinson breaking off a huge run

Another frame of a big run by Denard Robinson

A defensive stop


















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