Purdue at Notre Dame Photo Gallery

Today was another tough one in South Bend for the Boilers. They really fought hard though, and I don’t think they should have their heads hung low. The score was not what the Purdue fans wanted to see, but I think we learned a lot today about this football team. This is a much improved squad that took a ranked Notre Dame team at home to the edge. I wasn’t in prime position to get pictures in row 46, but I did take a few. Here are a few pictures from the day that I liked.

The Notre Dame band has it’s pregame concert at Bond Hall

I have some ideas here, but I think a caption contest should be in order

Robert Maci can only get the shirt tail of Everett Golson

When you get your hands up good things can happen

Gabe Holmes hit as the ball goes over his head before the half

Robert Marve led the Boilers to a score just before the half

The Notre Dame band had a nice tribute to Neil Armstrong during their halftime show

After the halftime show they formed the monogram ND on the field

Sometimes you can have too many people breaking up the pass…

…because neither one gets the pick

Tyler Eifert tore up Purdue all day until he left the game due to injury

Kawann Short does not get the field goal block, but does get his helmet knocked off

Caleb TerBush gets his pass knocked down by Luis Nix

I think Brian Kelly is explaining to Golson that anyone in a red hat can take your place if you don’t step it up

Is this the last pass play in the career of Robert Marve?


















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