Purdue vs. Nebraska Photo Gallery Part Two

Here are the pictures from the second half and the three overtimes from Thursdays game. I was even getting tired of taking pictures near the end so there are not too many late. I wish that the game had ended differently, but of course it didn’t. Both teams showed tremendous determination during the game, and somebody had to lose the game. Below are some of the pictures that I liked from the end of the game.

KK Houser with no place to go down low

"Let's cross our fingers and hope that this play ends the game"

Chantel Poston was huge during the game providing a spark

Alex Guyton passes down low to Sam Ostarello

This is not the best shot of Brittany, but the expression on Alex's face helped it make the blog

I love the look on the face of Courtney Moses as she listens to Coach Versyp

KK Houser goes to the ground to get a jump ball. This was actually travelling as the Nebraska player took the ball to the ground and rolled with it, but the officials were having a tough day

This is the shot from half court by Antoinette Howard that almost ended the game in regulation. How many times can a ball bounce on the rim without going in?

Brittany Rayburn had a tough game. She was getting beat up with nothing being called. This is one example

Even in triple overtime the defenses for both teams still played tough


One thought on “Purdue vs. Nebraska Photo Gallery Part Two

  1. Nice pictures! As someone who covered FSU Women’s Basketball for the student newspaper when I was an undergrad, I thought women’s basketball was underrated because they never got enough credit for their passion every game.

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