A Historic Game

If only this shot had gone in at the buzzer in regulation

Tonight I went to my second sporting event of the year. This site is called Confessions of a Sports Junkie, not Confessions of a Guy Who Occasionally attends games. For some reason though things have not worked out to allow me to attend games. I really wanted to see the top 25 matchup between the Purdue Boilermakers and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. This game was very big because first place in the Big Ten was on the line. A win by the Boilers and they stay a game ahead of Ohio State, and a loss puts them in a tie with Nebraska for the lead with Ohio State just a 1/2 game out. 

From the start Purdue did not seem to get a call. I will not blame the loss on the refs, but they were in a deep hole early. To their credit though the Boilers never gave up, and had a great comeback to tie the game at the end of regulation. It almost ended during the normal time though. With time running out Antoinette Howard let a long shot go from around half court. The ball played around on the rim teasing the fans in attendance. Of course it finally rimmed out to send the game to overtime.

This game just seemed destined to keep going. As the second overtime was nearing the end you just knew that Nebraska would tie it up. A long three pointer as time expired did just that. I don’t know how the girls on either side kept playing. Going into overtime both Courtney Moses and KK Houser had four fouls. The way the game was being called I didn’t think that either of them would last very long. Only KK fouled out, and that was late in the third overtime when she had to foul to stop the clock. I don’t think that anyone can say that they left anything on the court tonight.

This really was a great game all around. I wanted to see the first Big Ten matchup between Purdue and Nebraska in women’s basketball because it was historic. Little did I know that the length of the game would be historic as well. I have a knack for being at these kind of games. I was at the 19 inning game in 2006 between the White Sox and the Red Sox. This game had a similar feel to it. For some reason I still was not ready for it to end. Sadly it did, and the girls will have to bounce back Sunday against Illinois.

I am way too tired to post the photo gallery for this game tonight. At some point tomorrow I will put it up. With a full game plus three overtime periods worth of pictures it might be a big one.

I do want to get on my soapbox for a minute though. I am not a season ticket holder for the girls this season because they would not allow me to sit in the lower level. They couldn’t scrape a ticket to each game together to get me there. Today I called to see if I could sit there. I was told there were plenty of tickets, and that I could just walk up at the game to buy one. Of course when I did that I was told they didn’t sell those tickets normally. Luckily they sold me one, but after saying multiple times how it was not normal. I almost didn’t make the drive to the game because the Purdue Twitter feed stated that the game was almost a sell out. I didn’t feel like parking and walking up the stadium only to find out that tickets were not available. Of course if everyone was in the lower bowl instead of all around it might have been filled. The stadium was far from sold out, and I wonder how many people did not come thinking it would be packed. I think that some changes are needed to help the fans get to the games. Just a little thinking outside the box would go a long way I think. The games are great. They have a good product to sell, but from what I have seen they really aren’t interested in selling it. They would rather play games.


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