The One In Which I Finally Attend a Game

The tip of my first sporting event of 2012

This site is titled Confessions of a Sports Junkie. I really haven’t been feeling much like a sports junkie lately though. My last sporting event was in early December making it a nearly month and a half dry spell for me. Last night I received a text that asked if I wanted to see Purdue play Michigan tonight. I jumped at the chance. I have seen Michigan and Purdue play every year since moving back from Iowa. Purdue played a very good game against the #22 team in the country, but fell short 66-64. After a slow start to both halves Purdue had the game seemingly in control before letting it slip away. This would have been a nice win for Purdue, but the shots just didn’t fall at the end when they needed them to. Here are some photos from the game:

Tim Hardaway Jr. drives on Terone Johnson

Travis Carroll blocks the shot of Zach Novak

Terone and LewJack force a jump ball

Jacob Lawson just misses getting another block

LewJack with a great drive yet again. He can really get to the hoop

Two former Duneland players Robbie Hummel and Zach Novak battle it out under the hoop as Lewis Jackson shoots a free throw

Tim Hardaway Jr. gets off a three

Robbie Hummel blocks the ball late in the game

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