Purdue vs. Eastern Michigan Photo Gallery

Today was another good win over a MAC school. It was too close for comfort for a while, but the Boilers pulled ahead when they needed to. For some reason they really seem to be playing to their competition again. Like Wednesday night we had great seats again, but this time directly across the court. Once again I was caught up in the action, and did not take as many pictures as I usually do. I did get to sit near Wendell Wolka for the first time. He is very loyal Purdue fan that is even utilized in the current ad campaigns. You can easily spot him with his pharaoh hat that he wears to each game. He was fun to listen to as the Boilers shot their free throws. As the non-conference schedule wears down I start to think towards the Big Ten season. The games now are fun, but Mackey should be rocking in just under a month. Here are some pictures that I enjoyed from the game tonight.

Somehow I knew that we would lose this tip

Jacob Lawson makes some great faces on the court. He will be very fun to photograph during the next four years

It's good to be Pete I guess

Terone Johnson hanging in the air before a shot

The halftime entertainment was a very good ball handler

Ryne Smith trying for a block on a breakaway

The student section had a great thing going while making the Eastern Michigan players miss their free throws

Terone Johnson absolutely getting hacked. The man with the mask did not get any cheap fouls called on him today for sure

Robbie Hummel taking a charge. It is not all that it is cracked up to be as you can see from the knee placement of the Eastern Michigan player

Anthony Johnson getting fouled by the Mask

How Travis Carroll did not block this shot is beyond me. I guess a game of inches is too cliche

As I said before Jacob Lawson is going to provide some good pictures

LewJack to Robbie Hummel

LewJack with a pass in deep

Anthony Johnson had another solid game. He just seems to be getting better. Here he probes the zone

A nice surprise was the appearance by John Hart. He looked a little hurt trying to run down a breakaway, but we loved seeing the look on his face when he checked into the game


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