Purdue vs. Western Carolina Photo Gallery

I really was not going to go to the game tonight, but about twenty minutes before the tip I found out that I had a shot at sitting in the nice new black seats for free. Why not? I hurried down to Mackey to see the game. The game was not at all what I expected with Western leading for much of it. Luckily the Boilers found their stride and came away with the W. After a win against Western you know what you have to face next. That’s right Eastern comes in Saturday. I should have seats nearly as good, but on the other side of the arena then. I will get spoiled if this keeps up much longer. Here are a few pictures that I liked from the game.

LewJack trying to get some space early. He fought through a lot of pain in appeared to get his minutes in last night

Lewis Jackson using his body to shield the much bigger defender

Robbie Hummel looking pass. He really came through when the club needed him to

Ryne Smith putting in yet another three this season

Inn the first half there were some very questionable calls. Here Coach Painter tries to reason with one of the officials

Kelsey Barlow going in for the dunk long after the whistle has blown

Lew in among the trees

A lot of things going on in this picture as a loose ball is fought for

Jacob Lawson finishing off a dunk

We all know that IU sucks, but it is still nice to be reminded every game

Ryne Smith launching a three. He really was fired up late in the game and helped the Boilers prevail

Purdue Pete laying down the law

I love the emotion that Smith shows on the court. Here he is walking away from a made three

Lawson again at the hoop. He looks a little raw, but at the same time you want to watch him play more and more

Robbie hitting a big three at the end of the game. I wish that I had kept the camera going after the shot to capture his rare emotional outburst. This team just wanted it more late


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