Purdue vs. Texas A&M Photo Gallery

Today the Purdue women faced off against the defending National Champions who came into the game ranked 4th. Purdue was coming off a tough loss at Duke, and needed a win badly. The pulled off the win delighting the crowd at the renovated Mackey Arena. The Boilers faced a very tough Aggie team today. They were very physical, and I thought that it would eventually do the Boilers in. When the lead got to nine I remember thinking just don’t let it get too bad. Memories of the 40+ point loss last season in College Station are still very fresh. Not only did they keep it close the turned things around by eighteen points to win by nine. It was good to see such a big win in person. I haven’t been to as many games as I would have liked, but I wouldn’t have missed this one. Here are some pictures that I liked from the game today.

No game can start until the tuba's (I know they aren't tuba's) perform at center court

I love the way the girls react when Brittany Rayburn is introduced

Another shot of Rayburn before the game

The opening tip

KK Houser puts a move on the defender much like a running back would

Brittany Rayburn putting up a three

KK fights through the tough full court defense that A&M played all day. She did okay with the ball today, and I expect only happy tweets from her today

Courtney Moses fights to get up court as well

Sam Ostarello is actually grabbing a pass, but it looks like a nice shot attempt

Coach Versyp reacts after getting a technical foul called on her. This might have just been the turning point of the game though as the Boilers seemed to be inspired after. I love the look on Chantel Poston's face in the background

Sam O congratulates Brittany after a big three

This is the good kind of finger pointing that you want on your team

Moses gets fouled as she goes to the hoop, but play went on. This was a rough game for sure, but the ladies stepped up to the challenge

The players celebrate with the fans after the game

The team thanks the fans prior to heading to the locker room


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