Back To Detroit?

Purdue in Detroit in 2007

Ever since Purdue won in Bloomington to claim the bucket again I have heard many different bowl scenarios for the Boilers. For very selfish reasons I was rooting to see them in Detroit. With starting a new job it would have been very hard to get anywhere else. For the most part though Purdue was not even mentioned with that bowl in the last week. From everything that I have read it looked like the team was going to be in Dallas. Reading as much about Kennedy that I have it would have killed me not to go to that one, and make a couple day trip out of it. Instead though another trip to Detroit appears to be in order. I do live almost two hours further away now, but I think that I may have to make this game. This is the first year since 2004 that I have not seen Purdue play on the road. Thankfully a short drive into Michigan is all that stands in front of me from keeping that streak going.

As with the first time in Detroit in 2007 we will be playing a MAC team from just down the road. Western Michigan will be bringing their fans to the game. In ’07 we had to endure a lot of crazed MAC fans until Summers hit the field goal. Of course then the fans just got even worse. Maybe we can get a big enough lead so that the Bronco fans will exit early. I do know one thing. I will not be buying tickets from Purdue. I want to be near the action. Buried upstairs is no way to watch a game.


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