Purdue vs. Miami (FL) Photo Gallery

A late night followed by a long day yesterday delayed these pictures from making the blog. They might not have appeared at all, but I did enjoy the special silver jerseys that the team wore. Robbie Hummel played his 100th game for the Boilers so I tried to get a couple shots of him in here. I might have went a little heavy on the pictures this time, but yet again the jerseys were cool enough to get some extra shots of. Here are some of the pictures that I liked:

I still love getting shots of Ryne Smith watching the ball as it leaves his hand

Barlow with an easy slam

The after shock of the Barlow slam

Robbie Hummel did not make the shot, but did draw the foul on this three

Robbie Hummel sinks a three during his 100th game in a Boilermaker uniform. The first in this uniform though

Terone Johnson with an easy lay in

A sweet floater by Anthony Johnson

With the special logos on the court I flashed back to MTV celebrity games when LewJack took this shot at the halftime buzzer

Purdue Pete give JaJuan Johnson some love as he comes onto the court at halftime

The spotlight was on JJ's banner during halftime

JJ and his mother acknowledge the crowd

LewJack gets hit hard in deep

Trey McKinney Jones going in for the slam. He had a lot of family at the game since he is from Milwaukee

The next frame of the Jones dunk

The final frame of the Jones dunk

AJ with another floater

TJ with a breakaway basket

Robbie Hummel committing a foul in the second half. I thought that this was a charge, but the refs did not see things my way

Shane Larkin taking a break from fouling LewJack at the end of the game. Larkin was all over Lewis, but could not get a foul called on him even when he was trying to foul intentionally late in the game. Larkin is the son of former Reds shortstop Barry Larkin

I still don't know what LewJack was going to do here in the best case scenario

Larkin on LewJack again

Believe it or not this was part of a move by LewJack that shook Larkin


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