U Can’t Beat Purdue

LewJack flying to the basket

Due to the late start and the fact that I am getting old I will keep this short. Purdue outlasted Miami tonight 76-65 to win on the opening night of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. I say outlasted because the game was still in doubt until the final minute. This was another one that seemed like it should have been over much sooner, but a combination of factors kept Miami in the game. Several times I thought that Purdue had them worn down and would pull away only to have Miami pull back to within five or so.

The star of the first couple of minutes had to be Sandi Marcius. He scored the first four for the Boilers and actually had them up 4-2 at that point. He then started beating his chest and getting himself pumped up. He never scored again. In the second half Shane Larkin son of former Reds shortstop Barry Larkin stole the show. He could not seem to miss, and he must have had one of his dad’s Gold Gloves on because they would not call a foul on him it seemed like. It is getting late and I have to work in the morning so I will have to talk more about the game tomorrow. I may even get the photo gallery up although at this point I have no idea what I have on my memory cards.


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