Purdue Is Bowl Eligible!

Purdue celebrating becoming bowl eligible in 2006

After a couple of years sitting at home during the holidays Purdue has put itself in position to head to a bowl with their win over Indiana earlier today. I did not go to the game because my one man road trips are really not too cost effective. I figured I would save that money to head to a bowl to see the Boilers. I have seen the team on the road every year since 2004 so the streak is on the line with this bowl game. You should never celebrate a .500 season, but right now it is progress, and that is all you can ask for.

Some would say that it is not enough, but as long as this team keeps making strides forward I will be happy. From what I have seen under Danny Hope this team never gives up. They may have a bad game here and there, but they just keep on fighting. I know that the destination may not be the best, but it is extra time to watch these seniors. You can’t ask for any more than that. If we play a MAC school in Detroit so be it. I will do my best to be there to root on the Boilers. It always feels good to beat your rival, but getting the Bucket back with the sixth win was fun to see today.


4 thoughts on “Purdue Is Bowl Eligible!

  1. Yea well…. they might be bowl eligible but they don’t deserve one and it isn’t very likely they’ll get one. At least not a bowl that anyone will actually watch outside of about a fifth of the student body until half time.

    Purdue needs to wake up and actually try to compete. Look around for cryin’ out loud…. there’s football programs in our own conference willing to go out and hire (or at least try to hire) the likes of Urban Meyer. Look at the SEC schools and how many millions their football programs actually make for the institution AFTER they salt away millions for athletics. Naming an assistant coach of a mediocre program to the head job isn’t a start in the right direction – especially when at the time, there were so many terrific prospects to consider. As long as Burke and other members of the hierarchy intend to micro-manage it and treat football like a red headed step child, well….what you see is what you get.

    • I put the comment up even though we will make a bowl. It may not fit your criteria, but it is still a bowl. Danny Hope was a head coach by the way when we hired him.If you fire Hope now after only three years and making a bowl you will never get a good coach in here. It shows that you will not give a coach a chance, and you will end up with the same coaching madness that Notre Dame is going through. Hope just won against a rival and became bowl eligible. Not going to get canned no matter how much you want him to.

  2. I have followed Purdue football for more than 50 years and was the kind of fan that would miss other televised games to listen to constant static over some far off in the distance AM radio station trying to eek out a word from every 5 sentences of a Purdue broadcast back when they couldn’t get any media coverage at all. As you might have already guessed, my affection has diminished over time. Tiller and the years with Brees have been the only glimmers of hope in all these years and the institution didn’t even try to build on that brief success. Yes… you’re right – Hope was head coach at a D1AA school after being Tiller’s assistant for 5 years. Big Woop.

    The notion that there’s anything going on with Purdue football that even remotely resembles the trials and tribulations at Notre Dame (by the way I hate Notre Dame with a passion) is just complete nonsense. Their profile has been light years beyond the Boilers since dirt. I might even bet that ND has more national championships than Purdue has conference championships. Certainly they have demonstrated (quite arrogantly in the past) that they wouldn’t even accept a bid to any bozo bowl if they were in Purdue’s shoes.

    If you want to call this season a success and think beating Indiana (possibly THE worst team in division one football) to become bowl eligible qualifies as a win for the program, that’s certainly your privilege. Unfortunately it’s precisely the same kind of attitude displayed by the administration and it will keep Purdue football wallowing in mediocrity until that changes. *You should read the plentiful articles all over the Internet concerning Tiller’s troubles with athletic office micro-management and lousy salaries for assistants and how all that same nonsense was about to kill basketball until Painter threatened to leave. Sooner or later…. Purdue is going to have to wake up….. pay people what it takes to do a job and then give them the autonomy to do it.

    • Was I comparing the program history between Purdue and Notre Dame? I must have missed that part. What I am saying is that you have to give a guy a chance. Who is going to come in here now if we fire Hope? I see a lot of big names that I just don’t believe would lead this program. Tiller gave us that glimmer, and he came from Wyoming. Of course we all know that it was a high profile hire from a large school. He had a schematic advantage (much better than Charlie’s by the way) that helped a quick turnaround. For some reason from day one nobody has been behind Danny. That is too bad because I think he will be the coach here for a long time. Is this season a rousing success? No. Are we heading in the right direction? I can be happy for the seniors who except for one have not been to a bowl. Of course we wouldn’t turn down a bowl like Notre Dame used to. They don’t even do that anymore. With a penny pinching AD the money is welcome. I could make this the most negative Purdue blog there is and constantly spew hate at the school or I can enjoy life and highlight the good points. I choose the latter. Danny has achieved a bowl game. That is priority number one. Now we have to build on that. I would like to see Purdue competitive in all games next year. That would be another step forward. As long as he keeps building year by year I don’t know what more I can expect. I never did call the season a success in the post that you commented on. I said that you should never celebrate a .500 season. Then I talked about progressing. For some reason though I have been pigeonholed that is your privilege. I hope you continue to be a Purdue fan for another 50 years, and that you can come on here in the good times as well. In the next 50 years there are bound to be some of those.

      And yes by the way I will always celebrate beating Indiana no matter what record they have. It is IU after all.

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