Did He Just Do That? (Purdue-Western Michigan Photo Gallery)

Tonight a group of us took advantage of the ticket deal and went to the Purdue game that was not originally on the schedule at the beginning of the year. The opponent was Western Michigan, and with the holiday tomorrow many people did not come out to the game. They missed out. Last year during the Michigan State game I snapped a picture just as Lewis Jackson was attempting a slam. He did not get it down, but it left everyone wondering what if. Just this week I saw some talk about whether or not LewJack could still slam. On a break in the second half he showed everyone just what he could do. He soared high enough to put down a nasty dunk. I really wish that the students were in the arena and the stands were packed. Maybe I should be happy that the stadium was only half full. I might not be able to hear right now had the place been packed. It was the highlight of the night for sure, and maybe of the non conference schedule. Instead of rambling anymore I will just post some pictures from tonight’s game.

Ryne Smith continues his hot shooting

Two guys can't even slow him down

LewJack getting the shot off despite the love child of Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen trying to stop him

Terone Johnson getting hammered as he tries to turn the corner

Anthony Johnson with his sweet floater

Robbie Hummel did not need to score much tonight, but he could have if needed

Sandi Marcius finishing off a slam

Lew getting hammered after a nice drive

Terone getting smothered in deep

At this point you started to wonder if he was going to do it.

The look on the students faces says it all. What an awesome moment in an otherwise ho-hum game


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