Purdue vs. Iowa Photo Gallery

I know that it is Indiana week, but I thought that I would take one last look back at the disappointing game yesterday. It seems as if our bowl chances took a huge hit with the loss. Here are some of the pictures that I liked from yesterday’s game.

Gabe Holmes makes a catch on the five looking to score...

...and then drags a few defenders in to tie the score at seven

The botched punt deep in our own territory

Luckily Iowa gave the ball right back to Purdue

In real time I thought that Ralph Bolden was gone on this play. A great angle saved a touchdown

Here is the first part of our new two part touchdown play. The first part is to throw a pick deep in their territory. Then of course we strip the ball and land on it in the endzone for a touchdown.

Late in the first half Josh Johnson was called for pass interference on this play. Clearly he is the only one looking for the ball. The call gave Iowa the ball on the two and four downs to try and score

The middle of the Boiler line just misses blocking another kick

Seniors Joe Holland and Albert Evans combine for a sack late

Robert Marve finds Antavian Edison on this fourth and forever play to keep the Boilers hopes alive

Gabe Holmes is upended after getting another first down for the Boilers

Edison again with a catch for a first down. This set up the controversial play that decided the game

The play that could have sealed the deal for Marve's legend status at Purdue


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