Not Quite Yet

The play that could have sealed the deal for Marve's legend status at Purdue

All week long I really thought that Purdue was going to get the sixth win that would make them bowl eligible today. I really thought that the team looked good last week, and would not cause anymore of the heartache that they did earlier this season. During the Penn State game I tweeted that this team loves to rip my heart out. They did it again today. Just when you thought that they were going to get things going to get the win something happened to snuff that out. Today was just hard to watch. Before the game started as a little rain fell on our tailgate I made the comment about last year’s Michigan game. The rain did not come down like that game, but the game turned out the same. Constantly in reach the victory could not be pulled out. As a resident in Iowa for two years this really hurts. I always had to hear how Iowa owned Purdue. The Big Ten making this our rival in my eyes just solidified what I already felt. The seniors deserved better than this today.

Late in the game Robert Marve was brought in on a fourth and very long. Somehow they pulled out the first down followed by another. I started cheering thinking that this would really be something that would give Marve legend status. That seemed to be the case as he scrambled for a touchdown. Live I thought it was iffy if he scored, but never realized that he turned the ball over. After the replay official called a touch back the game was over, and the legend would have to wait. Man do I want to see what would have transpired had Marve scored on that play. Could we have gotten the onside kick? Could we have used the wind to kick a field goal? Could we have gotten more? These are more questions that will go unanswered this season. For now we just have to turn the focus to another rival. It is now officially Indiana week. As I write this I am watching the Hoosiers on the Big Ten Network booing every time I see Tom Crean clap. That is a lot of booing folks. The refrain this week is easy. Win the Bucket, get a bowl.


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