Seniors To Be Thankful For

As I do every season I want to highlight some of the seniors who will be playing their last game tomorrow. In all 22 men will play their final game at Ross Ade Stadium tomorrow. As with any team I don’t know all of them, but I will provide a short capsule on the players that I have something to say about. I always include some reference of thanks because the Thanksgiving holiday is so near. The best way to send the seniors out right would be to get that sixth win to become bowl eligible.

Adam Brockman leads a fired up Boiler team out on the field

Adam Brockman – I probably know Adam the most from his flag carrying duties every week. He is a special teams performer as well, but he really seems to take his job of carrying the flag seriously.

Kevin Ballinger and Carson Wiggs have some fun singing Shout before the start of the fourth quarter

Kevin Ballinger – He has found his way onto the field by becoming a long snapper. I probably know him best from his quips on Twitter.

Carson Wiggs doing what he does best

Carson Wiggs – When Kevin snaps the ball it is often Carson Wiggs who will be kicking it. Carson has really gave us some highlights with his big leg. He has not had the kind of season that I think everyone was hoping for, but what could he do to top his first three years? He could set the NCAA distance record, and with the winds that have been around West Lafayette for over a week that is a possibility.

The view that must have haunted Rich Rodriguez for two years

Justin Siller – Who can forget how he came in when we lost two quarterbacks to lead us to the win against Michigan? After some trouble after that 2008 season he has become a solid receiver for this squad. He has had some good moments since that game in ’08, but that will be my best memory of him by far.

Chris Carlino closes in on John Goodman

Chris Carlino – Chris started out as a linebacker that received a lot of playing time. He has since lost his spot as a linebacker, but has found new life on special teams. He really has seemed to relish the role and it has shown on the field. He also has quite the look going right now with his hair and beard.

Joe Holland signing for a young fan at the Boiler Bridge walk

Joe Holland – I have read a lot about what Joe can’t do over the years. For some reason people love to dog him, but you will be hard pressed to find someone who plays harder. I think that some Purdue fans just react to what they hear others say and add to it. During a game this season I heard someone say that he isn’t very smart. Really? I guess they base the Academic All American Award on looks. I for one will be sorry to see him play his final game as a Boilermaker later this year.

Albert Evans goes up to snare a pass during warm ups against Minnesota this season

Albert Evans – Now Albert is a player that I didn’t like very much when I first saw him play. Of course that was when he was killing my local high school team when he was a member of the Portage Indians. Since then he has become a very good safety for Purdue. It is amazing how your perspective changes when a player is suddenly on your team.

Kurt greets a young fan last season

Kurt Lichtenberg – Kurt is a player that does not see the field very often except for kick offs. That does not mean that he does not have an impact though. He is another of the Boilermakers that has a great sense of humor. I have also seen him interact with the fans after games, and that is when I really started to root for the guy. He has stayed long after most of the team has left to sign autographs for fans after the game. He seems like a really great guy.

Spencer Dawson on the sidelines this year

Spencer Dawson – He is buried on the depth chart at quarterback, but during the Southeast Missouri State drubbing this season he put on a show. During his limited time on the field he has put up some good numbers.

Dennis Kelly celebrates after the win last week

Dennis Kelly – Dennis looks like a WWF (if you haven’t watched it in ten years that is how you say it) wrestler, but plays offensive tackle for the Boilers. He has done pretty good this season protected the current quarterbacks blind side.

Link boxing Weber's ears

Logan Link – Logan has had an up and down career at Purdue. He has seen his playing time cut at safety this season, but he has also made some big plays.

Nick Mondek watches the celebration after the Ohio State game

Nick Mondek – Nick now plays tackle on the offensive side of the ball after switching from being a defensive tackle. He has done well with the limited time that he has had to learn the position.

Gerald Gooden makes a great stop against IU last season

Gerald Gooden – Gerald may have not lived up to expectations, but how can you when you follow/play alongside Ryan Kerrigan? He has had some great moments this season. Lets hope for some more of those tomorrow.

Jared Crank with a rare carry

Jared Crank – Jared is the fullback in a spread offense. His opportunities for carries are few and far between. He has managed to crank off some nice runs this season with his limited chances. Fullbacks rarely get any love so I thought we should give him some here.

Waynelle Gravesande – Spell that fast one time. In an era of special teams miscues Gravesande has given Purdue a sure set of hands on punt returns. In the process he was among the nation’s leaders for much of the season. It is nice to know that you have a guy out there with a good set of hands.

Robert Marve celebrating with the fans after the win last week

Robert Marve – If anyone has had an up and down career at Purdue it is Robert. He came in with great expectations only to hurt his knee. Once he picked up some playing time he then hurt his knee again. He went through his ordeal this past offseason with past transgressions at Miami. This season he looked to be on the bench as the backup quarterback until last weekend. He led the Boilers to the upset by taking the game into his hands. We saw the player that we were excited about a couple of springs ago. A lot of what ifs surround Robert. Of course a lot is still ahead of him. He has three more games ahead of him as a Boiler. What can he do with that time? He could be granted a sixth year because of his health issues, but after what they did to Keith Smith this past year I won’t hold my breath.


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