My Mackey Tour

Tonight I was at the windmills getting some pictures when I got a call. For some reason I had completely missed the fact that there was a public tour tonight. I hurried back to town to get to see the updated arena up close. That is another positive of moving to West Lafayette is that things like this are now possible. We got there fairly late so we had to move quickly to get to see everything so I tried to shoot on the go. No real setups so some of the pictures aren’t technically correct, but I think they get the point across. The highlight of the night though had to be getting to shoot at the hoop opposite the tunnel. I don’t want to make excuses, but I missed my first shot off the back of the rim. In my defense though it was a three from the corner with my camera bag on my back. I took a second shot and nailed it. I am sure everyone was sick of me saying that I am 50% from behind the arc in Mackey by the end of the night. We had a great time though, and the arena looks great. Here are a few pictures that show some of the improvements up close. I know that the employees are probably ready for a break after the long opening weekend, but it was nice of them to open their gates for us to see the arena.

The view from under the basket

I love how the new tunnel looks from the inside

Robbie Hummel's locker. Very neat and tidy

Kelsey Barlow's locker is not so tidy

A view of the film room

The hustle board in the film room

The TV setup in the lounge. They really have some nice things for fun in the new arena

A mural in between the men's and women's locker room

One of the table setups in the Wooden Club. At my back in this club is the tunnel into the arena. This is a beautiful room, and I would kill to be in here on gameday

They even named a room after the team

The top of the free throw line

The slanted P at center court

I love how the lights seem to highlight coach's name

A view from the sideline

The new baseline

The view in another high roller lounge

The grand staircase in the lounge

Another piece of wall artwork with a nice lead up to it on the floor

I won't show all the memoribilia in the arena, but I loved this jersey of Brian Cardinal from the last NBA Finals


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