Purdue v. High Point Photo Gallery

I normally would not post this many pictures from a basketball game, but I found a few I liked for one reason or another. I shot with my new lens, and I love how most of the pictures turned out. I will have to try it again next week when Western Michigan comes to town. Here are the pictures I liked from last nights game.

Ryne Smith puts up a three in the first half

Travis Carroll trying to lay one in. From this picture it is hard to believe that he missed the shot

Anthony Johnson puts in a floater

Robbie Hummel with a three from the corner

Ryne Smith using the same corner to nail a three

Lew Jack gets to the hoop for an easy basket

Another three by Smith

Sometimes it looks too easy

Yet another three by Smith

Here is yet another shot that went in. They really could not miss late in the game. That is until the final possession

Another shot destined for the bottom of the net

This time Smith ducks inside the arc for his final two of 26 points. What a night by the senior!


3 thoughts on “Purdue v. High Point Photo Gallery

  1. hmm. that’s interesting. I use a 70-200mm lens or a 50mm for basketball. I like both. Basketball is so fast moving that’s it’s hard sometimes to get the action.

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