Purdue Women Finish Off The Perfect Weekend

KK Houser driving to the basket early

Today I went back to Mackey Arena to see the Purdue Women open their season. After a great weekend already in Purdue sports it was up to the ladies to cap it off. Of course they won in deciding fashion to start the season 1-0. The thing that I love the most about the Purdue women’s games is how close to the action I can get. I managed to get into the lower bowl and snapped a couple of pictures from my vantage point. I had to leave the game early because of an emergency at work, but it was still nice to see the girls on the court again. My only regret is that Drey Mingo was not out there with them, but she was still there in street clothes smiling at anyone who she thought needed it. She really is a great role model for young athletes. On a positive note KK Houser made her return to the court today. She looked good, and did not show any signs of the injury she suffered in the opener last season. Overall this could be a really good season for the Boiler women.

For the second time in three days the American flag is stretched across the floor of Mackey Arena


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