Purdue vs. Ohio State Photo Gallery

This one might be a bit heavy, but it was a great game to watch so I put a few extra pictures in. Of course many of them are from down on the field which I don’t normally get to do. Even the next day I am still excited about the way that it ended. I hope that a great game like this translates into a nice crowd next week. Here are some of the pictures that I liked from this weeks game:

Early in the game Caleb TerBush throws out the stiff arm near the goal line

The Boiler defense was strong yesterday. They really clamped down on a one dimensional offense

Akeem Shavers goes in for the first touchdown of the game

Kawann Short gets to Braxton Miller

Justin Siller dives to recover his own fumble

Ralph Bolden looking for somewhere to run

Caleb TerBush gets the ball knocked out as he tries to throw downfield

This was probably the cleanest play on Siller during the game, but the one that got flagged

Carlos Hyde has to wonder what is going on. Trust me Carlos you will like how this song ends

Braxton Miller diving for a first down late in the game

Robert Marve throwing to the flat

Marve's heave near the end of regulation is picked off. The reaction of the students pretty much mirrors my own

Marve diving to gain a key first down in the overtime period

Garyy Bush hauls in a Robert Marve third down pass and nearly scores

Marve reaches over the line for the win

The team reacts to the exciting win. It was this emotion that made me want to be out there with them

Nick Mondek watches the celebration

Kawann Short thanks a fan for his support

Robert Marve getting congratulated after his interview with the Big Ten Network

Robert Marve celebrating with the fans after the win. I liked this picture enough to post it two days in a row

Another one of the heroes Bruce Gaston savoring the moment on the field

How can anything top the last couple of days here at Purdue? I don’t know but the women will try this afternoon. I might have to go just to see what that game has in store. It will be fun to see the girls for the first time this season, and they should keep the winning theme of the weekend alive.


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