Marve Helps Keep the Celebration Weekend Going

Robert Marve celebrating with the fans after the win

With all of the focus on basketball this weekend the football game against Ohio State was kind of lost in the shuffle for me. This morning I was even thinking of just watching it on TV. Of course that thought lasted just a few minutes before I pulled on my Purdue gear and headed out the door. I only got to my doorway before remembering one crucial part. I went back in and put the shirt that was given out prior to the 2009 game on. Jokingly in my head I said that it could be on the field twice. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that it could actually happen.

Purdue really looked good early on.  They seemed to dominate both lines, but just could not get it to show up on the scoreboard. I really thought that the beginning of the second half would tell the tale of the game, but luckily Purdue got things going back in the right direction. It has been a long day so I will keep this short. I want to get my photos up yet tonight.

One thing before I go. I have seen a lot about the fans rushing the field. Who says that you have to wait for a big win? Wasn’t this big anyway? This may not be a win against a top ten team, but right now this was about as big as it gets for this program. We beat a team that has had a stranglehold on the conference the last few years, and in doing so came within one win of a bowl game. To me that is worth celebrating, and what better place to do it than on the field? I enjoyed being out there, and getting to hear how much the players enjoyed seeing the fans out there. I heard thanks for coming out many times on the turf, and I hope that I can be out there again soon.


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