Boilers Win Big On Bobby Riddell Day

Today Purdue officially re-opened Mackey Arena. I was pretty excited for what should have been a great atmosphere. I guess after some of the great crowds last season my expectations were pretty high. In a blowout like the one tonight it would have been the perfect opportunity for someone like Bobby Riddell to get into the game. It would have been fitting since today was a day full of 11’s. As with the last post I will quit talking and just post some pictures from the big night. For some reason they are very heavy on Kelsey Barlow, but he did seem to be in the middle of the action a lot tonight.

This was the program highlight of the night for me as the American flag was brought onto the court

Kelsey Barlow gets to the opening tip of the new Mackey first, but can't control it

Barlow gets a hand on the ball and then...

...slams it home

Barlow trying to complete a three point play

Robbie letting go yet another three. He looked good on opening night scoring the first points of the new arena

Terone Johnson driving on the new court

Barlow getting fouled on the way to the hoop

Sandi Marcius with another nice hook. He ended up in double digits on the night with a nice slam to put the icing on the cake

Dru Anthrop plays the role of a hurdle late in the game. He really brought some intensity while he was on the floor


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