Purdue vs. Northern State Photo Gallery

Instead of rambling on about a complete mismatch in an exhibition game I thought that I would just post a few pictures from the game. Nobody reads what I write anyway do they? One thought before I get started though. Was anyone else nervous about seeing Robbie Hummel on the floor against a team wearing Minnesota colors? The colors of Minnesota thrown together with the Hickory uniform seemed to get Rob fired up enough to have a great game. It was fun seeing him on the court again.

I have been experimenting in some HDR photography, and this is the new front entrance with a small HDR spin

Some new displays inside let the fans see the history of Purdue Athletics

I had seen pictures of the new tunnel, but I had not seen the train tracks on the ground until last night. Overall the inside looked very nice

I don't know if it makes me a bad fan or not, but I knew nothing about the Smooge banner in the rafters. I knew about JuJuan Johnson having one because he was an All American. I guess they gave one to E'Twaun on the merits of a 2,000 point career. No matter what I was happy to see it. Now we just need to get one up there for Rob


Another HDR shot of the inside of the stadium this time

Kelsey Barlow winning the tip for the Boilers

DJ Byrd on the floor getting a loose ball for the Boilers. I forgot how much I love watching this team hustle. They picked up a lot of floor burns for a game that does not count. That is great in my book

I love this shot of Kelsey Barlow because it shows some of the new court, and is also a nice picture of him dribbling

Terone Johnson getting past the defense for an easy two

Johnson getting some air on the next play. He missed the shot, but I liked the pose

Anthony Johnson moving with the ball. AJ looked good last night

Dru Anthrop playing some lock down defense. He doesn't get much playing time, but makes the most of it

LewJack getting some air for a loose ball.

Terone Johnson getting mugged on his way to the hoop

I loved the players reflections on the new floor

Sandy Marcius getting off a nice hook shot. It is not the best framed picture, but I liked the end result on the scoreboard

Newcomer Donnie Hale getting off a shot

Sandy with a nice block

Another newcomer Jacob Lawson going for the block late

Jacob Lawson trying to assert dominance on his own team


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