Purdue vs. #23 Illinois Photo Gallery

As I said in the previous post I shot entirely in manual mode again today. It may have cost me a couple pictures, but overall I think the end result was better. The great weather combined with a great result made for a good day shooting. Here are a few pictures that I liked from my day.

Justin Staples catches a ball in warmups

KK Short and the rest of the Boilers getting fired up early

The planes from the flyover split two flags of the stadium

Jesse Schmidtt makes a nice tackle on the Boilers first punt as Chris Carlino bears down

Antavian Edison fumbling the ball early in the game

Justin Siller making a nice grab on third down and long to set up his touchdown

Siller picking his way through the crowd to score

I don't think that the Golden Girl is going to land this one

Whitney Mercilus stares down Cody Webster after a punt. Mercilus has the best last name for a defensive player I have heard in a while paired with a terrible first name for a football player

Miss Boilerette during the halftime show

Kevin Ballinger and Carson Wiggs have some fun singing Shout before the start of the fourth quarter

Kawann Short and Ryan Russell try and chase down Nate Scheelhaase

A view late in the game from my new seat in the end zone

Kawann Short gets some love from a cheerleader as the team celebrates the win with the fans

I knew about the alumni drum, but I have never seen this version of the drum before

This isn't the best exposed picture, but I love the glare I am getting from the tuba (I know it isn't tuba) player

A shot of the AAMB patch on the sleeve of one of the band members

My favorite part of the postgame. The break song

As I post this I am very close to breaking a record for the most visits to this site in a day. The previous record was set on January 23rd when the Boilers had Gameday in town as well as Michigan State. Regardless of whether or not the record is broken I wanted to say thank you to everyone who stops by. I don’t intentionally post things to get a huge number of views on the site, but I don’t mind seeing a record day either.


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