Harrison vs. Hamilton Southeastern Photo Gallery

With a new lens I tried some different things tonight. I never put my big lens on opting instead to try and keep things close to me. I really liked the results that I got. I could keep my shutter speed high doing this, and I think the pictures came out much better. I also shot the game entirely in manual mode. I usually shoot in shutter priority so that I only have to worry about one aspect of the picture. Tonight I went full manual, and it worked out pretty well. Here are a few that I liked for one reason or another:

Now I know where Eric Taylor wound up after he left Dillon

Another shot before the game of the great fall colors in the background with the pylon out front

Nick Bartolone the Raider quarterback runs by me as he enters the field

Brad Morgan warms up pregame

On HSE's first drive of the game Gary Harris gives me a great picture

Is Gary looking back to the quarterback or reading the sign trying to get him to come to Purdue?

Royal running back Ryan Ripp goes through a big hole. He really was the workhorse of the game

Gary Harris takes a breather after his first quarter touchdown catch

Nick Bartolone is sacked by Jordan Wozniak

A fish eye view of a pass in the air

You wouldn't know it by looking at this picture, but Joe Dinkel of Harrison actually picked off this ball

Here Dinkel celebrates his pick in the end zone

Garry Harris leaves a pack of Royals in his wake

A sure touchdown for HSE on a fumble recovery was just out of reach. They ended up with the ball though and a final score to take a 35-0 lead into the half


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